1.86 m, 89 kg, the calm type

Personal Data

Tips of the candles in the cake - it is logical

I live in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, Europe, little planet Earth / Time coordinate: early 21th century
Divorced, one terrific daughter, nonsmoker


Interests in:

Spirituality - Heaven - Healing - Awareness - Baby: communication, growing and taking care, High Tech - Things, that science overlooked (or had to...) - Philosophy - Strange things - Dreams - Ufos - Science Fiction, StarTrek

I practice:

Hypnosis - Reiki - Energy Transfer - Research on positively influencing the personal environment (mental, emotional, physical).


Translation German - English for Gene Egidio. Since I first time experienced him, I decided to support him, as there are so many frauds in this matter, only few "real ones" and even fewer "real good ones". As others, I had some VERY special experiences in his presence, actually I had the best time of my life. Before that I believed in God and an hereafter, but now... I KNOW! Gratefully I dedicate this Genes Page to Gene and his Team - and since I like to share - I provide you with a little information to enable you to have your own experience. Enjoy!


my daughter Julia:

changed very fast from a baby to an infant to a child. She is very bright, asks for a lot of attention and gives a lot of unconditional love. She is unusual creative and her pure uninfluenced logic often bring up questions, that show that our world or language is not always as reasonable as we usually asume.

Learning of her and for her and teaching her gave me some insights, that I intend to share on a separate webpage. On that interested parents will find links and my opinions about childrens health, vaccination, electromagnetic smog, motivation, using the computer as a learning tool etc.

The central point anyway and by far the most important is
It boosts the imunsystem and keeps all participants healthy in body, mind and soul. It has to be unconditional to prevent it being used as a means of pressure (... I love you if you ...)